Energy Efficient Features

        DDCH builds very energy efficient homes.  When compared with the homes of other competitors, DDCH homeowners are extremely satisfied and find that their energy bills are the envy of their neighbors!  A few of the features we may utilize to accomplish this include:

Insulation options:
  • spray foam insulation
  • blown in blanket insulation
  • Insulated Concrete Form Walls (ICFs)



Tankless Hot Water Heaters 

Vinyl Frame Insulated, Double Pane, Low-E  Windows

Digital Programmable thermostats

Gas (or Propane) Appliances

Compact Florescent Light Bulbs

High Efficiency Air Conditioning Units with Variable Speed and Humidistat Controls

 Unlimited hot water with
tankless hot water heater


This list is certainly not all inclusive!   We are seeing more and more products available that will help us to cut energy usage and maintenance costs while at the same time increasing the comfort and health.   And as the art & science of building an energy efficient home progresses, more features become cost effective for residential use.   The team at Double Diamond Custom Homes masterfully incorporates state of the art green building techniques into new home construction while keeping luxury and aesthetics into the style of the home so as we build your custom home we will work with you to design an energy efficient home that meets your specific needs, lifestyle and budget.